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If you like Caesar 3 or Pharaoh, check out Aztec Empire's demo


New member
May 26, 2020
This little gem slipped through the net. It's on Kickstarter at the moment and they have a good playable demo to try it out. It's really similar to Pharaoh and Caesar 3, in fact any of the games in that series.

The demo can be picked up here...

It may not be visually brilliant but I have had a play around on this today and it's got all the key components if you liked those games. One to watch I think.


Staff member
Mar 12, 2020
Just checked this out and it's spot-on as far as a comparison to those games is concerned. It's a neat little demo and if you know how to play Pharaoh and Caesar 3 then you'll slip right into this no problem. Weird how Impressions Games never looked at the Aztecs when they were creating all their strategy/building games. Worth a look this one.