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  3. Grux

    Video/Shots New Marvel's Avengers Trailers

    Want's that interested in this but these trailers look not bad but will probably be a huge dissapointment so will wait for reviews.
  4. Grux

    Valve Index VR kit is best selling thing on Steam this week / 15-21 June

    Hard to believe that the Index is the top selling thing on Steam which week. I know Half-Live Alyx boosted sales but really by that much? VR is still a bit rubbish still and there are only really a few really decent games for VR still. This is the run-down on what was selling last week. Good to...
  5. Grux

    Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed until November

    Not good news this one. I thought September was going to be the last delay. Here's the announcement.
  6. Grux

    Video/Shots Star Wars: Squadrons Details and Trailer

    This does look good on the surface but it's EA so...
  7. Grux

    News Games out this week - 15-21 June

    Here's what's coming out this week. The Last of Us Part II on the PS4 is the big game this week. Disintegration - PC, PS4, XO - 16/06/2020 Desperados III - PC, PS4, XO - 16/06/2020 Bus Mechancs - PC - 18/06/2020 Best Friend Forever - PC, Switch - 18/06/2020 Waking - PC, XO -...
  8. Grux

    Death Stranding PC System Specs revealed

    In case you were wondering what the specs are for this on the PC, here they are. Hopefully not too much of an issue if you are planning on playing this. Minimum 30fps - 720p (1280x720) OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows® 10 PROCESSOR: Intel® Core™ i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen™ 3 1200 MEMORY: 8 GB GRAPHICS...
  9. Grux

    Opinion C&C Remastered Review

    Beeen playing through the C&C missions again and it's been a blast. AI is a bit rubbish but that's to be expected :)
  10. Grux

    Crucible devs appear to be floundering as update plans are announced

    This thread on Reddit is quite damning from a dev who was involved in the game. It sounds like a development disaster was waiting to happen. It sounds like we don't know the half of it when it comes to the game turning out like it did.
  11. Grux

    More EA Games now on Steam

    If you hate Origin as much as I do, then there's some good news for Steam users as more EA games have appeared on Steam today. Cyiyis 3, some Need for Speeds, and more are included in the offering. Would be good to see more of their stuff on there eventually. EA Access is also going to be...
  12. Grux

    News RPG Kingdoms of Amalur looks to be getting a remaster

    People loved Kingdoms of Amalur when it came out then 38 Studios collapsed and that was it done. I played this a bit never really understood why people loved it so much, it was OK. The remaster is being called Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning...
  13. Grux

    Strategy game COVID: The Outbreak challenges you to tackle the pandemic. Out on Steam

    Many governments have been terrible at handling the COVID pandemic but could you do better? There is actually a strategy game out today where you can test that out. US and UK governments might want to give this a try ;)
  14. Grux

    News Denuvo Anti-Cheat removed from Doom Eternal - Begone!

    Update for Doom Eternal has removed the Denuvo ant-cheat! Rejoice because it granted kernel-level access and was being flagged by anti-virus progs. Good old Denuvo. Update is live now to get rid of it. Latest Updates for PC Only Removed Denuvo Anti-Cheat integration Use Windows add/remove...
  15. Grux

    Get Arx Fatalis for free from Arkane

    Arkane Studios are celebrating 20 years and they are giving away Arx Fatalis id you sign-up the new Arkane Outsiders fan community. Game will be available through Bethesda launcher. A celebratory video was also released showing 20 years at the studio.
  16. Grux

    First gameplay for team-tactics first-person shooter Nine to Five - Closed Alpha Date

    Alpha kicking off on June 4. Might be promising.
  17. Grux

    Quantum League enters Early Access - Timely

    This might be an interesting take on the competitive shooter. I fear this could end up being one of those games that people play for a week then abandon it making it impossible to find matches. Hopefully I will be wrong.
  18. Grux

    Heavy Rain, Detroit, and Beyond Two Souls coming to Steam

    Incoming from Quantic Dreams. There are demos now on Steam too should you want to test them out.
  19. Grux

    Steam Top Sellers 18-24 May

    Last week's top selling PC games on Steam are out. Hard to believe the Witcher 3 is still selling well after all this time. Terraria is another one that's been kicking around for a while. Monster train, the deck building game, is a new addition. Sid Meier's Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass...
  20. Grux

    Star Citizen Free Fly Weekend starts - Why bother?

    I see CIG have launched another Star Citizen free fly event Invictus Launch Week which looks like another reel the suckers in stunt. Seriously this game is such a shitshow after all these years and the hundreds of millions in cash. I do like their trailers though, perhaps that's what they should...